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‘Partner, Let Me Upgrade You’

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Beyonce Wants Convert Your LEED AP Credential


If you’re a LEED Accredited Professional who tested under anything but the current 3.0/2009 version of LEED, it can be confusing to ‘maintain’ and/or ‘convert’ your AP designation. The USGBC has devised a new system of helping ‘legacy’ APs convert to the new LEED AP with Specialty designation. The solution they’ve come up with addresses one of the main areas of confusion and frustration – LEED-specific hours in continuing education.


I tested under LEED 2.2, so to convert my LEED AP to a LEED with Specialty (which I did last February), I had to earn 6 hours of LEED-specific material. I eearned those hours, which were approved and accepted by the GBCI, through working on projects as a LEED administrator or LEED consultant. But not everyone, due to either job duties, or their employer’s clients, or just the economic downtown, works regularly on LEED facets of projects. The other way to earn LEED-specific credits is by attending presentations by USGBC-approved presenters – but there are noticeably few of those around. So, the difficulty of attaining these LEED-specific hours has been one of the primary and hardest to address criticisms of the LEED-AP conversion process.


The USGBC-devised solution provides all 6 LEED-specific hours for free. The link is here:


If you’ve not yet converted (i.e., come to the end of your first CMP reporting period), using these hours will satisfy all of your LEED-specific requirements. After that, you only have the remaining 24 hours to earn – and those are much easier to come by than LEED-specific hours. If you’re like me and you’ve already converted, then you may simply use these hours for your next reporting period. It’s a huge gift from the USGBC. Wonder why they did it? Probably because it allows for an easy, affordable way for their thousands of LEED APs under older LEED versions to remain LEED APs. Without us legacy folks, the USGBC would be creating a big pool of frustrated, more cynical former users. It’s in their best interests to keep us interested in the LEED AP credential so we can continue to work on LEED-certification seeking projects.

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