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The Green Code Cometh!

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

If you were wondering when the International Code Council would catch up to the US Green Building Council’s LEED rating systems, well, so was I. But the Code Council has been working on the forthcoming International Green Construction Code in the background, and are releasing the second draft, Public Version 2, in November 2010. Once that draft is commented on, the final version will be approved in 2011, for publishing in 2012. So, here it comes…

The IgCC is an overlay code which works with existing I-codes. Jurisdictions which choose to adopt the code are adopting 3 things: requirements which apply to all projects, optional requirements, and optional electives. The jurisdictions can require up to 14 optional electives to be satisfied, from a slate of about 60 electives. The project owner and design team then choose which electives to pursue.

The IgCC is comprehensive in scope, applying to all commercial, mixed-use and high-rise residential buildings over 5,000 SF (Low-rise residential can meet the ICC 700 code instead). It covers everything from Whole-Building Life Cycle Assessment (extraction to manufacturing to installation to replacement) to how your sump pump is gasketed. And its energy and water reduction tools are more stringent than LEED-2009.

If you’re interested in an IgCC presentation for your office, I’ve got one ready.
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